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7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Forever Stars offer a monthly yoga session for baby loss parents and grandparents with Chris Taylor Yoga.

You do not need to have any previous experience in yoga and nor do you need to physically fit, these sessions are designed to accommodate all and help provide an hour of mindfulness and much needed calm.

Chris’s Approach
I truly believe that yoga should serve the student, and that our practice should be functional, relevant, and help us live a full life.

I have been a student in many classes over the years, where this has certainly not felt the case, and has taken a performative based approach, rather than an informative, contemplative and functional approach. I believe this can be intimidating, off putting and unhelpful to anyone who is interested in attending a yoga class for the first time.

I don’t teach yogaerobics or stretch-ercise, I make a strong case to differentiate between yoga, exercise and performance. You will never hear me say “feel the stretch”, “no pain, no gain”, or “keep up”. However, I will invite you to move, breath and relax, with balance, steadiness and composure, at your pace.
This isn’t about avoiding difficult postures either, but to approach them with open attention, intention, ease and stability.

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The Serenity Centre

46 Wollaton Road Beeston NG9 1AB

FS Yoga

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