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After 9 months of a fairly smooth pregnancy, Michelle went into labour on December 19th 2013, they had heard the baby’s heartbeat in the morning and there was nothing to suggest that by the end of the day their daughter Emily would be stillborn.

After the consultant had confirmed that Emily had died during labour, there were some additional complications that resulted in Michelle needing an emergency C section.  The midwifery team were exceptional and looked after Michelle and Richard with equal care as they came to terms with the shock.  At the point Emily was delivered, the operating theatre seemed to go silent for a while, whilst Michelle and Richard prayed to hear their baby cry; there was simply silence.

After the C section, Michelle and Richard were taken to a side room on the labour ward, after settling into the room, it quickly became apparent that the room had been arranged for the arrival of a healthy baby.  There was advice on breastfeeding available, nappies, clothes and pictures of newborn babies in the room.  There was also an empty transparent cot, to this day it is still one of the most poignant memories for Richard.

Due to the C section, Michelle had to stay in the hospital for another night, Richard went home to look after their 5-year-old son Finlay.  During the night, Michelle had to endure listening to a lady give birth and subsequently listen to the father celebrate outside of Michelle’s room telling all of his loved ones that they had, had a little girl.  This experience both upset Michelle and made her feel desperate to leave the hospital the next day, despite this meaning that we would be leaving Emily.

Michelle and Richard spent just over 24hrs in the hospital and had to go from the excitement of welcoming their little girl into the world to the devastation of having to say goodbye to her, knowing their hopes and dreams for her would never be fulfilled.

When Michelle and Richard came home they decided that they needed to do something that provides a legacy for Emily as well as help families that would so sadly follow in their footsteps.  The, therefore, decided to set up Forever Stars as a charity to raise money for facilities, materials and services that would help bereaved families in and around Nottingham that have suffered baby loss.

Michelle and Richard went on to have two more children after Emily and now enjoy the hectic family life with three boys.  Emily continues to be a very significant part of their lives and whenever possible they are keen to tell people about her and include her legacy as part of the Daniels family story.

Richard and Michelle Daniels

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