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During the 2017 Baby Loss Awareness month of October, Forever Stars raised money to fund counselling services to specifically support siblings in baby loss families.

We met our £20,000 target for the month by holding Talk About Them Tea Parties across the City of Nottingham, something the charity plans on repeating every October to mark baby loss awareness activities.

Very often the focus of bereavement support is geared to the parents but we are very aware that often the brothers and sisters of a baby that is stillborn or lost at the neonatal stage can be very traumatic and can affect siblings in many ways.

If this pilot works, we will look at developing this service across other towns’ to ‘The sibling counselling service is currently a pilot project that is anticipated to last 2 years from Autumn 2018, if the initial project is successful, it is anticipated that we will continue to develop this service

Our two-year sibling counselling pilot project aims to...

Provide counselling through play therapy, in a confidential and supportive environment.

Offer siblings strategies to cope with both their loss and seeing their parents dealing with the loss.