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Our Serenity Centre

The Forever Stars Support Centre for Baby Loss Families

The Serenity Centre was opened in late 2021 for baby loss families.

Every month there are variety of workshops and well-being sessions for baby loss families. These include activities like yoga, flower arranging, chocolate making, clay therapy, arts and crafts, and keepsake making.

The Serenity Centre is also home for our ‘Embrace’ group.  Our Embrace support is dedicated specifically for those families that haven’t had a Rainbow baby or for those who have experienced baby loss without subsequently having a Rainbow baby.

The central idea behind all these gatherings is to create a safe and supportive space for baby loss families, where discussions are informal and everyone can feel comfortable.

Established In 2021

Creating A Safe Space For Families

The Serenity Centre, established in October 2021 by Nottingham Forest legends Mark Crossley and Nigel Jemson, emerged from their #WalkingsBrilliant fundraising campaign, which supports mental health projects across the UK.

Located in Beeston, Nottingham, the Serenity Centre is easily accessible by car, bus, or tram. The dedicated team at the Serenity Centre consists entirely of volunteers, all of whom have experienced baby loss.

The first step into the Serenity Centre is often the hardest for families, but once you have joined us, you'll find a friendly and understanding team ready to help as much as we can.  Just ring the door bell and we'll get the kettle on!

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