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Serenity Suite Forever Stars Nottingham

Our Serenity Suites

Forever Stars Continue To Fundraise For The On-Going Upkeep And Maintenance Of The Two Serenity Suites.

Our purpose-built Serenity Suites enable families to stay together and spend precious moments with their baby. Whilst in the suite families are able to hold naming ceremonies, take pictures with their baby and make plans for life after their loss. There are no time limits for the families whilst in the Serenity Suites and the suites include a cold cot, which helps to preserve the baby for as long as possible. Very often these suites are used to create a lifetime of memories in a few short days.

Making a difference

Proud to Provide Two Bereavement Suites In Nottingham.

There are still a third of hospitals without a bereavement suite for families that suffer baby loss in the UK. We are therefore extremely proud that Nottingham has two Serenity Suites for families that suffer baby loss at either of the main NUH hospitals due the kind and dedicated support of so many families.

The suites provide such an important role in supporting the mental health and well-being of families after their loss, it is therefore our pledge to ensure that these suites remain well maintained and that Nottingham will always have these facilities in the future.