The business benefits of having a ‘Charity of the Year’

In the world of corporate social responsibility, picking a ‘Charity of the Year’ isn’t just a nice gesture—it’s a game-changer. As well as being a way to contribute to charities that are important to you and your business, designating a ‘Charity of the Year’ also has a number of other benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked.  In this article, we share some of the business benefits of having a ‘Charity of the Year’.


Unifying purpose

Designating a ‘Charity of the Year’ allows you to rally behind a common cause, creating a shared sense of purpose among employees, customers, and stakeholders. This unity can foster a positive work culture, enhancing morale and team cohesion.

Many charities provide the opportunity for supporters to get ‘hand-on’ with some of their projects, providing the purposeful team-building opportunities.

Have more impact

By concentrating efforts on a specific charity, you can channel their resources more effectively, maximising the impact on a particular cause. This focused approach not only increases the visibility of the chosen charity but also amplifies the benefits for your organisation.

Enhanced corporate image

Associating with a charitable cause demonstrates a commitment to social responsibility and the community. This can significantly enhance you corporate image, fostering goodwill among customers who are increasingly prioritising supporting businesses with a genuine dedication to making a positive impact. And, it can also help you to attract employees who want to work at organisations that are committed to giving back.

Employee engagement and satisfaction

Participating in charitable initiatives fosters a sense of pride and fulfilment among employees. When individuals feel that their workplace aligns with their values, it enhances job satisfaction, employee retention, and overall engagement.

Some organisations also encourage their employees to get actively involved with selecting their ‘Charity of the Year’ by asking them to submit their suggestions, creating an engagement with the initiative right from the off.

Community building

Establishing a Charity of the Year creates opportunities for you to actively engage with the community. Whether through volunteer programmes, fundraising events, or collaborative projects, these efforts strengthen the ties between your businesses and the local or global community you aim to serve.

Long-term relationships

Building a lasting partnership with a charity will enable you to make a sustained difference. Establishing long-term relationships allows for more strategic planning, ensuring a continuous and evolving impact on the chosen cause.

Creating a meaningful relationship with a charity will be mutually beneficial, particularly if the chosen charity is committed to working in partnership to enhance the benefits for you and your organisation. Small charities are often more open to developing a long-term relationship and developing a bespoke arrangement that benefits everyone.

Designating a ‘Charity of the Year’ is not just a gesture of goodwill, or a ‘nice to do’; it’s a strategic decision that increases employee engagement, enhances brand reputation, and contributes significantly to social change. By aligning your business goals with social responsibility, and choosing the right charity partner, you can create a meaningful and lasting impact.

At Forever Stars, we build long-standing relationships with our corporate supporters to help them maximise the opportunities that supporting a charity provides. Some of our corporate supporters like to get really involved, whilst others prefer a more low-key arrangement.

Here are just a few examples of how we can work with you to maximise the benefits of supporting us:

  • Opportunities to get ‘hands-on’ with our projects, creating a team-building opportunities for employees
  • Fundraising ideas, advice and support
  • Advice on how you can support employees with baby loss
  • Attendance at corporate events and meetings to share more about Forever Stars
  • Branding and sponsorship opportunities
  • Networking opportunities that allow you to network with a diverse range of local businesses
  • Entertaining opportunities at Forever Stars events

To find out more about supporting Forever Stars, contact: or visit our corporate partner’s website page. 

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