Skydiving barbers take to the skies in support of families facing baby loss

The cutting crew from Levi’s Barbers in Beeston, Nottingham, are part of a seven-strong team taking on a daring skydiving challenge to raise essential funds for Forever Stars, the local charity dedicated to providing support for families affected by baby loss and miscarriage.

On 26 July, Levi Bradley (age 30), Callum Tighe (27) and Omar Baird (22) will leap from a ‘Grand Caravan’ plane at 14,000 feet to take on not only their first-ever fundraiser for Forever Stars but also their first-ever skydive.

Joining the trio on the skydive are Ben Wright (age 28) of Skinvasion, a premier tattoo studio in Toton, and Ella Peck (27), Joab Bryan (28) and Abi Hallam, who is celebrating her 28th birthday on the day of the skydive.

All monies raised by the skydive will go directly to Forever Stars’ ‘Supporting 1 on 4 for 2024’ Campaign’. Designed to focus on the one in four pregnancies that end in miscarriage every day, Forever Stars is looking to raise £50,000 from the campaign. The monies will be used to completely redesign and refit the Ward A23 garden at Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre (QMC) hospital, to turn it into a comforting space for patients and their families to escape to when dealing with the heartbreak of miscarriage and baby loss.

Co-founder of Forever Stars, Richard Daniels, explains:“What started out as a casual conversation about Levi and the team wanting to do a skydive, very quickly moved to a confirmed event with seven skydivers jumping out of the plane for Forever Stars!

“I think it’s great that a barbers is getting involved with the charity, because it is opening up a dialogue with men about baby loss, an area the charity is really focused on; we know that men don’t talk enough about their feelings and emotions, and that the devasting impact baby loss can have a huge impact on a person’s mental health.

“The team at Forever Stars can’t thank Levi’s Barbers, their friends and supporters enough for their commitment and promotion of this skydive,” he adds. “This high-flying fundraising event will make a real difference to our Supporting 1 in 4 in 2024 campaign for A23 at the Queen’s Medical Centre.”

Levi’s Barbers’ Callum Tighe adds: “The skydive for Forever Stars is our first official fundraising event and whilst we are a little nervous about it, we’re looking forward to doing what we can for Richard and the charity, and helping support their amazing work and support.

“So far, preparation has focused on finding out what we can about the skydive itself – we know that the plane will take about 20 minutes to reach the required 14,000 feet, and once we’ve made the jump, we freefall for around 60 seconds, reaching 60mph in just 2.7 seconds, and 125mph in less than five seconds! After opening the parachute, we should glide to the ground in around seven minutes – I’m looking forward to seeing family and friends who will be there to support us once I am back on solid ground!”

To support Levi, Callum, Omar, Ben, Abi, Ella, and Joab in their skydive for Forever Stars, please visit their JustGiving page:

Levi's Barbers

Nottingham baby loss charity issues plea for help from local businesses for DIY SOS style QMC project

Baby loss charity Forever Stars has issued an urgent plea to local people, businesses, artists and workers for help with a DIY SOS-style makeover project for Queen’s Medical Centre (QMC) Nottingham’s Ward A23 and its garden, where families suffering baby loss through miscarriage receive specialist care and support.

With approximately 10 families seeking support on QMC’s Ward A23 each day, it plays a pivotal role in providing treatment and emotional assistance during tough times, and represents a crucial place for families experiencing baby loss before 20 weeks.

Richard and Michelle holding a Supporting 1 in 4 in 2024 board“Miscarriage is the most common kind of pregnancy loss, affecting around one in four pregnancies,”
explains Forever Stars’ co-founder Richard Daniels. “Despite its prevalence, the emotional toll it takes on families often goes unspoken, leading to a silent suffering for many. Forever Stars recognises the need to address this sensitive issue, and provide essential support to those affected by miscarriage. We want
to provide as much support as possible to those experiencing baby loss, and so are launching our ‘Supporting 1 in 4 for 2024’ Campaign’.”

The charity – created by Richard and his wife Michelle following the stillbirth of their daughter Emily on 19 December 2013 – has pledged to raise £50,000 from donations, fundraising and financial support from local businesses for the Campaign. The money will be used to finance the renovation and improvement of Ward A23’s clinical and non-clinical areas.

The money will also be used to cover work and materials to completely redesign and refit a garden adjoining the Ward, to transform it into a more useable, inviting and appropriate sanctuary space for
patients and their families.

“A23 has a fantastic team that supports families dealing with baby loss,” Richard says. “However, the limited funding allocated to A23 primarily caters for essential medical support, leaving the surroundings in need of attention. A23 is a busy area, often with the feeling of an A&E ward due to the nature of activities on the ward. We really want to create a better environment for families whilst they wait for treatment or a consultation, at what is a very difficult and scary time.”

Forever Stars has already begun work to transform two of A23’s treatment rooms, to create spaces that not only meet clinical requirements but also acknowledge the emotional needs of families going through miscarriage.

The charity knows that for the 1 in 4 Campaign to truly succeed, it desperately needs more than just financial support to make the renovation of the outside space possible.

Richard explains: “In addition to A23’s vital role in providing medical support, it has the rarity of a garden space, which is a sanctuary where families can retreat to try and deal with the weight of their loss. It’s also a valuable waiting area for fathers, and somewhere siblings can get fresh air and be kept occupied and distracted playing with toys while the rest of the family receives treatment. But, the garden requires a lot of attention.

“While Forever Stars’ team never stops fundraising to help support baby loss families, this major campaign is a big challenge, but one we are meeting head on. But we desperately need help, donations and resources from as many people and businesses as possible to not only support us in raising the funds we believe are necessary to develop what will be a truly special environment for the families, but also to donate their skills, time, materials, and talents,” explains Richard.

In particular, the charity is hoping for help from local artists to paint large scale murals on outside walls, and a number of specific items and equipment to make the project complete:

  • Outside covered areas, seating, heating and lighting
  • Audio systems
  • Artificial grass
  • Bedding plants
  • Children’s outdoor tools

“This is one of our biggest ever challenges, and something we know we can’t do alone. We need as many people as possible to join our fundraising efforts to help us to create a truly special environment for the families that need to use the ward. Support – big or small – can make a genuine difference to the lives of families across the East Midlands who rely on A23 during their miscarriage journey,” says Richard.

Forever Stars officially launched its ‘Supporting 1 on 4 for 2024’ campaign on 1 March 2024. Anyone wishing to donate their time, expertise or materials, or fundraise for the charity and this campaign, can email:

Visit the ‘Supporting 1 in 4 in 2024’ campaign page.

Richard Daniels is available for interview. To arrange, and for any further information / media enquiries please contact:
Diane Wood, PR Consultant, DWPR